About us

Our diverse team comprises of people from SAP, Practo, Intel, IIMB and IITB, with a 15+ years of experience in the industry. Sarwesh, the founder, leading the technical team hails from SAP. Rohit, chief marketing officer has worked with Practo, in its nascent stages. Prajjwal is an IIM Bangalore alum and is co-founder of Tinglado softwares & GovJobAdda. Our Principal IoT Engineer & Principal Firmware engineer is from SINE labs, IIT Bombay.Our advisory board consists of members from governing body of TiE Bangalore Chapter & Director level executives from PWC India, Western Digital India & OSF Healthcare, Illinois, USA.

Our Verticals

Vital Acquisition

Our products include smart IoT wearables capable of running real time continuous vital monitoring system.

Vernacular Mobile App Interface

Our IoT products work seamlessly with our habit forming informative health mobile using wireless technologies like IR & Bluetooth 4.0

Predictive Cloud Solution

Our products are powered by real time cloud analytics solution capable of detecting & preventing various health complications before they become life threatening.


In case of an anomaly detection, nearby hyperlocal services are alerted in real time.