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Jeevan is an AI enabled virtual health assistant, Empowered with India’s first BIS certified ECG + PPG Smartwatch


Hriday : Remote AI Based cardio-health monitor

  • Monitor your Heart regularly with a simple tap.
  • Continuous monotoring so that your Doctor can see your health history.
  • Remote Health monitoring
  • Online Video Consultation & Chat
  • Authentic News & Updates from Partner Caregivers
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Pregnomy : Remote AI Based pregnancy monitoring solution

  • Monitor your health during pregnancy
  • Regular Monitoring and statistics for your doctor.
  • Remote Health monitoring so that your loved ones can watch over you
  • Online Video Consultation & Chat
  • Authentic News & Updates from Partner Caregivers
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ECG Monitor
Your heart needs care and with our ECG Monitor you can track your Heart and get notified of any irregularities
Your pulse rate tells a lot about your health. Measure your pulse rate with high accuracy.
Sleep & Fitness Tracker
Monitor your sleep and your fitness through our state of the art device.
Connected Hospitals
Get regular updates and articles from our partner hospitals and caregivers.
Blood Pressure
BP is as common as air now a days and can lead to many problems. Keep a track of it with Gigacure.
Stress monitoring
Monitor your Stress levels as it can affect your health and interfere with your daily lifestyle.
Stay Connected
Gigacure is a connected device, now access your health vitals from any device!
Emergency Care
Reach out to the Doctors and family in case of any emergency.

What our 1000+ Happy Customers are Saying

Recommended for Heart Patients

I have been using Hriday Watch since April 2020 and I think this is the best health watch available in the market.

This was recommended by my Cardiologist after my bypass surgery and it has helped me immensely in tracking my condition.

Yogesh Pandey
Heart Patient, Delhi

Must have for Pregnant Ladies

I bought the watch in February 2020 after my GYN/ OBS Doctor recommended it. As I was spending most of my time alone at home, My husband could track my health using their easy to use App.

I have recommended this watch to atleast 4 of my friends.

Udayi Kapoor
Mother, Chandigarh

Helps me take care of my Parents

I am working in Bangalore but my parents are in Delhi. I bought the watch for my parents as it was not possible for me to track their health.

I am now able to take care of my parents remotely and can schedule appointments for checkups as well.

Kaushal Singh
Software Developer, TCS Bangalore

Excellent Quality and Support!

First of all, the watch is of great Quality. It is completely Made in India and is of superior quality.

The Battery life is also excellent and can run for 4-5 days easily. I was not a tech savy person but the Gigacure Team helped me setup everything.

Payal Bhadoriya
Housewife, Lucknow

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